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The highly professional team at West Land Livestock Inc. takes pride in delivering your goods with exceptional customer service, in a timely manner and adhering to all safety procedures and protocols. Our excellent staff drive West Land forward, providing outstanding customer service that can’t be beat! We value your business and wish to deliver the best possible transportation service, whether we’re transporting automobiles, equipment, livestock, grain or refrigerated produce.

The office headquarters is located in Acme Alberta, one hour northeast of Calgary. West Land Livestock is fully licensed to operate in Canada and throughout the United States. 

Our Hauling services include:

West Land Automobile hauling is licensed throughout Canada and the United States. We are fully insured, our equipment is well maintained and we would love to help you with your Auto and equipment hauling needs. More information Contact Us

West Land has both quad and tri axle cattle liners and are experienced haulers in Canada and the United States. We run our grain trailers throughout Western Canada. More information Contact Us

West Land’s fleet of reefer trailers are licensed and bonded for loads into Canada and United States. More information Contact Us

Video Exclusive:

West Land’s Automobile and Equipment hauling specialist, Merv Giles breaks down the advantages of the high mount convertible trailer. This trailer can haul it all! If you’re interested in using our hauling services please contact Merv at 403.651.2353 or [email protected].


May 2016
West Land’s showing support to the fire fighters and victims of the For McMurray fires by transporting supplies from Calgary to Fort McMurray. The first load to the fire fighters included blankets, pillows and cots and was delivered as closely as possible to the MacDonald Island in downtown Fort McMurray. The first load to the victims included water, food and clothes and was delivered to Lac la Labiche.