Automobile and Equipment Hauling

What we do:
West Land transports automobiles and equipment; anything from a load of Smart cars to a load of light or heavy duty trucks to a 50 foot C Can.

Where we drive:
We are licensed for all of Canada and the Western United States. We have a dedicated weekly run between Calgary and Fort McMurray, and we transport vehicles, equipment, and freight throughout Alberta and the Northwestern United States.

What makes us different:
What makes us unique is our equipment. Within minutes of unloading 5-7 cars and light to heavy duty pick up trucks, we can fold the trailer down into a step deck capable of hauling anything from machinery to a shipping container. The image example to the left showcases two different uses of our equipment.

Our staff:
Our drivers are well trained and very professional. We are fully insured and our equipment is well maintained. We believe in making promises that we can keep. We take responsibility for our mistakes.

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Merv Giles 403.651.2353 or [email protected]

Livestock and Grain Hauling

What we haul:
Trained in animal care and welfare, we haul cattle, swine and buffalo efficiently and professionally throughout Canada and United States.

Our equipment:
West Land is equipped with both quad and tri-axle trailers as well as 4 units with tag axles to move livestock efficiently and safely.

We haul cereal grains as well as fertilizer.

Produce and General Hauling

What we do:
West Land currently runs numerous 53’ late model reefers, hauling general freight and food products between Canada and the United States. Our drivers are very knowledgeable and experienced to move all types of commodities that may or may not need controlled temperatures.